We Are Digital Solutions.

Lebone Media (Pty) Ltd. is a 100% black-owned organization specializing in the development of electronic platforms and the supply of ICT hardware and software. The range of services we provide is based on the delivery of high-quality digital solutions according to the specifications of our clients.

We control all aspects of the production, project management, facilitation and quality of our manufactured products within our workflow and capacity. We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and clients to ensure a seamless and secure business process.

Lebone Media (Pty) Ltd. has been operating since 2017 and was formed as a Subsidiary to Lebone Litho (Pty) Ltd., established in 2005 and primarily focuses on print media, with great consideration that the world is quickly going paperless, Lebone Media (Pty) Ltd. was formed to strategically focus on digitalisation and configuration, Software and Application Development and Electronic Document Management. We are committed to professionalism and strive to ensure that we meet all our clients’ needs by providing professional and excellent project management team.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

 • We want to help connect people and business to information in the quickest and simplest way.

• We want the work we do to be significant, meaningful and serve our community, employees and customers.

• We want to help change the way we do traditional business and always  continue to do right by our customers, employees and community.

• The long-term mission then becomes the creation of sustainable relationships that will  empower us to continue growth economically, environmentally and socially.

Our Values

• Empowering our staff 

• Inspiring change

• Servant-Leadership

• Trust

• Retention of resources, employees  and customers

• Competence

Employment Equity

We agree with and abide by the Employment Equity Act of South Africa. We recognize and understand that the inequalities created by racial and gender discrimination in the past, has created a lack of both, education and employment opportunities, for the vast majority of our population and therefore a barrier to equal participation in personal economic growth and prosperity.

Our policy is that previously disadvantaged individuals (Africans, Coloureds, Indians, Females and Disabled) will always hold the majority share of the company in terms of both ownership and the decision making processes.

Our Vision

• Innovation through change leadership

• Relocation of the supply chain

• Economic Freedom 

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