Online and offline computer-based examinations.

What Is digital Examinations?

In staying aligned with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Lebone Media has developed a solution to deliver high quality, globally tried and tested digital educational solutions to the South African education space.

The Digital Examination solution is a web-based application for the digital design and delivery of summative and formative assessments for Educational Institutions and aimed at modernising the assessment processes.



Adopting to the digital age with Digital Examinations brings following key benefits

Multiple Test Administrations

Once question papers have been distributed and have gone live, awarding bodies are then able to administer and monitor multiple different examinations simultaneously

Feedback On Coursework

Markers can provide feedback in the form of commenting on answered question paper.

Creation of Item Banks

Allows previous years questions to be archived and reused for future use.

Incorporate Different Technologies

Integration with platforms that have been previously used within the awarding body.

Dynamic Assessment Formats

Papers can be structured in a manner that allows for candidates to answer in a simple text format or by use of spreadsheets and more complex graphical documents.

Uncover Student Thinking

Live playback of candidate responses are recorded, allowing the marker to track candidate thought pattern.

Paper Design According to Your CI

Platform can be white-labelled according to awarding bodies corporate branding.

Improves Writing Capabilities

Allows the learner to focus on content and not on the eligibility of handwriting.

Immediate Grading

Questions can be assigned a specific value that will allow for immediate grading.

Taken Offline via USB & LAN

In instances where internet connectivity is an issue, question papers can be delivered and answered via USB or Local Area Networks.

Assistance with Learners with Disabilities

Platform allows for learner with disabilities to answer via different modes such as verbal and typing.

Secured Remote Testing Environments

Allows for secure online exams and remote proctoring via webcam and smartphone devices.

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