Learning Management System for Training and Certification Programs.


Lebone Media has developed a Learner Management System (LMS) specifically to support global training and certification programs for the extended enterprise. The LMS is unique in that it allows our customers to provide a blended learning solution of on-demand, virtual learning and classroom management in a single solution.


User Group Management

Utilize user groups to target specific courses and certifications.

Content Agnostic

Compatible with all file formats. Course content can be hosted from any location. It is AICC and SCORM compliant.

Instructor Management

Manage instructor assignments and teaching qualifications.

Voucher Management

Enter and track voucher information.

Custom Communications

Create and send custom communications to select groups.

Learning Plans

Create customized learning plans for your students.

E - Commerce

Students can purchase courses via credit card, voucher or purchase order.

Global Application

Supports any language. Currently available in 27 languages. New languages can be easily added and deployed in a short amount of time.

Instant Test Analysis

Allows your students to see their scores immediately upon completing an exam.

Informal Learning Tracking App

We have created a mobile app to track learning activities outside of the Learning Management System.

Offline support for Mobile App

Allows users to download course content to their mobile devices when connected to the Internet and be able to launch the content when they do not have an Internet Connection. Once the connection is re- established, completion data will be sent back to the system. This version will support video and pdf content formats.

Enhanced Cloudshare Integration

The CloudShare integration has been enhanced to use CloudShare v3 API. It has the following new features.

  • Allows administrators to select a blueprint template for the labs
  • Limits the number attempts the learner has to launch a lab
  • Allows administrators to give the learners additional lab attempts
  • Selects the data center based on the learner’s location

Web Services Architecture

Integrates easily with other business applications.

Printing Answer Keys

Allows administrators to print answer keys for their exams. Admin can access this feature from the exam setup page. By pressing the answer Key button it will download the questions and the correct answer to each question

Customizable Interface

Template-based and provides a design template for branding your student site and communications.

Full Testing Capabilities

 Setup exams, quizzes and surveys.

Venue Management

Create and manage venues and sub venue information including equipment inventory.

Classroom Scheduling

Create and manage class schedules.

Course Preview

Easily preview courses directly from the administrative site prior to deploying.

Learning Paths

It’s new Learning Paths provide a way for Administrators to create a recommended sequence of training items for learners based on attributes such as job role.


The application provides a self-registration module to support processing of students outside the system.

Student Transcripts

Provides students a view to their transcripts. This page keeps them informed on each course status, due dates and scores.

Live Remote Proctoring for Exam

As more courses turn to online education as the platform of choice, maintaining testing integrity is critical to the success of an education program. 

New Learner Mobile App

We are pleased to present the second generation suite of mobile apps for learners, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. One noteworthy feature of these apps is the option to customize with your company branding. As an extension of this feature, the iTunes and Google Play listings can be branded for your company so that users can simply search for your company instead when downloading the app.

Public Portfolio

Allows learners to create a public portfolio view displaying the badges and certificates they have earned. This view has a unique URL and a link can be placed on the learner’s LinkedIn profile or even on their resumes

Item Analysis

Has enhanced its exam item analysis by introducing several computations. P-value level, Point Biserial, Discrimination index

File upload option in Contact us Form

Introduced a File upload feature on the Contact us on the Student Login page where the learners could send a file or image together with their query. The learner can upload multiple files.

Single Sign-on Technology

Integrate with your Partner portal for seamless logon.

Comprehensive Report Features

Provides on-demand results with Digital Dashboards, Crystal Reporting and Adhoc Reporting features.

Instant PDF Certificates

Automatically send custom certificates upon course or certification completion.

Calendar Management

Manage classes and venues.

Wait List Management

Create and manage classroom wait lists.

Bulk Registration

Register specified user groups to courses.

WebEx Integrated

It is integrated with WebEx. Use this functionality to create WebEx sessions as ILT courses and online events such as Partner conferences. Webinars can be completely managed via the LMS.

Custom Communications

Notify students with alerts and special communications via the home page using the Messages and Alerts feature.

Learning Plans

These provide your student with a recommended learning path that you have created based on their individual needs.

Virtual Labs for Instructor Led Training (Ravello Integration)

It is integrated with Ravello Systems to bring VirtualLabs for Instructor Led Training.

Video Support for Informal Learning Tracking App

The mobile learning tracking app has been enhanced with the ability to record a video of a learner performing a task such as configuring/repairing a piece of equipment, making a sales presentation etc. These video recordings will be accessible via learner’s transcript.

Windows App

Introduces a Microsoft Windows app with its Fall 2017 release. This app can be downloaded and installed from the Windows App Store. It supports the Windows 10 operating system could be installed on laptops as well as tablets such as Surface Pro. This app, as well as the Window Store Listing, can be customized with your company’s branding.

Exam Question Validation Workflow

Now supports exam question validation workflows. Question authors can create questions and get Subject Matter Experts to validate them. The system captures information such as author, validator, validation note, reference, and category etc.

Branding Capabilities

The entire application is template-based. This enables Administrators to easily change the Learner Application’s UI from the Admin Application. Images such as logos, themes and color schemes, text on screen, available user options/fields, notification texts, etc. can be easily customized. It also has a style sheet the customer has full access to for further customization.

SFDC Certified

Customized and integrated with Salesforce.com.

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