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Lebone Media provides an e-marking platform for the Educational Institutions that enables the marking of any type of assessment, anywhere and on a wide range of devices. E-marking helps simplify exam logistics and efficiency whilst improving both security and marking accuracy.


Adopting to E-Marking brings the following key benefits.

A Faster Marking Process

Once the exam scripts are scanned into the system, examiners can start marking. They have an advantage to mark at decentralized locations, which will reduce the time pressures and help ensure that exam results are released on time.

Rich data

E-Marking will provide the data you need to analyse responses at an item level and therefore provide insights into the quality testing and a dashboard to monitor marking progress in real-time.

Cost Savings

Adapting to E-Marking helps reduce travelling costs and increase efficiency in marking by saving examiner’s time. It provides better management of the exam process using real-time information and an instantaneous retrieval of scripts where re-mark is required.

Increased security

As soon as the script has been scanned, the digital image of that script is securely stored in a highly resilient cloud environment. This eliminates the risk of exam papers being damaged or lost.

Improved accuracy

Whether through standardisation, approval of examiners against pre-agreed standards or through moderation, the marking quality is maintained throughout a session. This, combined with the anonymisation of scripts, means that every student gets the results they deserve.

Multiple Marking Strategies

The ability to split scanned exam scripts into individual or groups of questions means that multiple examiners can mark a single script in parallel. This can achieve additional marking efficiency and quality by distributing item marking according to subject specialisation.

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